Day Skipper Practical – The night sail.

Day Skipper Practical Training – Portimao

Day Skipper Theory – 1. Tools of your trade.

Learning those knots – Part 1.

Learning those all important knots you’ll need when you go sailing.

Preparing and Raising the Mainsail

For sailing beginners, how to prepare a fully battened mainsail for hoisting.

Using the Cockpit Winches

The cockpit winches are there to help us to work the ropes that control the sails. Here's Learn2Sail's guide on how to use them...

Lassoing the First Line Ashore

The technique to getting the first line ashore safely. The lasso.

How To Coil A Rope

Beginners guide. First steps in coiling a rope so that it can be stowed neatly and ready for instant use.