Preparing and Raising the Mainsail

For sailing beginners, how to prepare a fully battened mainsail for hoisting.

How To Coil A Rope

Beginners guide. First steps in coiling a rope so that it can be stowed neatly and ready for instant use.

Boat Handling – Bringing her alongside using the mid back spring

Wind in this case is light and on the port bow, so gently holding her off the dock Tidal stream is negligible. Here we see skipper...

Lassoing the First Line Ashore

The technique to getting the first line ashore safely. The lasso.

Navigation Unravelled – The Course to Steer made easy.

I’d like to share my recent idea and findings on simplifying course to steer for us. New students (and older ones) virtually always confuse the...

Learning those knots – Part 1.

Learning those all important knots you’ll need when you go sailing.

How to Tie The Fast-Tie Bowline

Many ways to tie a bowline but this method is a really sweet, quick way to do it. Starts off, a loop in a...

Southampton Boat Show 2018 – ideal starting place.

If you intrigued as to what this sailing lark is about and what’s involved to get started, then there’s no better place to visit...

Using the Cockpit Winches

The cockpit winches are there to help us to work the ropes that control the sails. Here's Learn2Sail's guide on how to use them...