Sailing Skills – moving about the boat

Firstly, when moving about on deck when underway, always wear a lifejacket – it can save your life!

When moving about the boat remember, this baby moves, rolls and pitches with the waves, either wind made or the wash of motor boats! Either way its your job to hold on, so, always have one hand for you, one hand for the job you’re doing on the boat (preferably your strongest) 💪.

Hold on at all times to substantial parts of the boat, try not to use guard rails, they are at the edge of “no mans land” the strong wires that support the mast (shrouds) are great to hold onto aswell. Make it second nature to hold on at all times and accidents can’t happen.

If the boats moving excessively then attach a safety line to your lifejacket and clip onto the boat again using a secure strong point, jack stays on the side decks, around the mast when working the sails and D rings in the cockpit, alway keep yourself SAFE!

Gotta look after the crew!!