Ocean Passage Log – Departure from Galápagos Islands – Skipper Harry Blazeby


An update from Ipixuna on our fourth day at sea as she sails from the
Galapagos Islands to French Polynesia.

After leaving the Galapagos we knew we had a good few days motoring to
get south to the established Trade Winds. Luckily we were able to
carry an extra 250 litres of diesel on deck in our fuel bladder to
take the pressure off our fuel consumption and bring our departure
total to around 2050 litres.

We settled into our watch system, 2 on and 8 off, single watches
unless we are sailing with the big downwind sails (Code Zero and A2
spinnaker) then we will double up watches to have two people on deck
and 4 hours on and 6 off.

Yesterday after 60 Hours of non stop motoring we finally hit the
trades, 12 hours earlier than originally expected. We passed through a
distinct front, with a squall line and a confused sea. A big rain
downpour and then on the back of that squall at last the wind switched
from NE to South. Light winds to start with so up went the mainsail
and we unfurled our huge ‘Code Zero’ sail, (a cross between a genoa
and an asymmetric spinnaker). It’s always a satisfying moment shutting
down the engine after a long spell. With these two sails set Ipixuna
flies just under 400 m2 of sail area and we were off!

The wind steadily built to 20 knots from the SE and yesterday
afternoon, we furled up the Code Zero and switched to our working jib.
On came the windward runner, we put a preventer on the main boom and
settled in for the ride. Ipixuna is in her element, broad reaching and
boat speed no longer in single digits as she surfs down the waves at
12, 13 and 14 knots effortlessly and consistently, her stern twitching
slightly in the seaway. This is what she was built to do, to eat up
the miles and today, our first 24 hours under sail we notched up an
easy 255 miles!

We hope for more of the same as we surf west, 2,200 nm to go to Nuku
Hiva! More updates of life onboard to follow.

Harry, Freya, Chris, Steve and Chloe

Harry Blazeby