Ocean Passage – Day 10 – 900 Miles to Nuku Hiva


Day 10 today and we have 900 miles to go to Nuku Hiva. We have reached
the stage of the passage where days blend into one another and nobody
knows what day it is. The fridge is starting to get empty and we’re
pretty low on fresh fruit and salad, plenty of veggies left though.
The wind has stayed with us, although lighter and we have had the Code
Zero up for almost three days straight now. It really has been the
workhorse of this trip. We did take it down yesterday and hoisted ‘Big
Blue’. This is our ‘A2’ asymmetric spinnaker, A for Asymmetric and 2
indicating it is a sail cut for running. (Odd numbers for reaching
sails, even numbers for running sails and the smaller the number the
larger the sail). The term ‘Code 0’ is unique as the sail is multi
purpose and can be used to sail close reaching angles in light air as
well as broad reaching in moderate conditions.

By all accounts the A2 is a huge sail, 400 square metres +. The hoist
went smoothly and we flew big blue from sunrise to sunset. Freya
launched her drone at sunset and we got some truly incredible footage
of Ipixuna under spinnaker sailing into the sun. Watch this space for
the photos!!
Not much else to report, the girls have been cooking up some fantastic
meals, the only thing missing has been fresh fish, we have just been
sailing too fast to put the lines out!!

Harry Blazeby