Hi There and Welcome to Our Blog

Hi there and welcome to our Blog where we will be giving you lots of help and guidance, especially if you are new to sailing and want to learn more.

I’ve been a sailing instructor for some time (22 years, cant be that long, surely) and over that period in teaching dinghy and cruiser sailing I have encountered people from all walks of life and trust me you are no different from all those that have gone before in feeling a tad anxious or overwhelmed at the thought of learning this new life skill – that’s actually a really good place to be starting from. All you need to be is enthusiastic and a good instructor will get you there.

So now’s the time to start setting goals, dreams even, these are the things that will inspire you and drive you on.

Firstly, sailing at whatever level you choose – dinghy, cruising, racing is a fantastic pastime for so many reasons. It’s:

  • Challenging – keep that grey matter turning over 🙂
  • Rewarding – when those “pennies start to drop” and you start to get it right.
  • Relaxing – eventually!
  • Fun – unbelievably good wholesome FUN.
  • Free – well the wind is.
  • Real not virtual, gets you and the family away from vegetating in front of all the screens that are now part of everyday life.
  • Opens up a whole new area of enjoyment for all the family and gets you all outside in the fresh air.
  • Fun – did I mention fun!!

It’s not:

  • Expensive
  • Hard to learn
  • Physically demanding – unless you want it to be.

So – lets get started in the most exciting adventure of a lifetime – where this is going to take you is only limited by your imagination.

YachtMaster Instructor