Fitness to Sail – from our Fitness Guru, Aly Jo.

So – you want to be a sailor?

That is wonderful! Now to get the best out of your course and future hobby it may be that you need to spruce up your fitness levels…..panic not though. To be a good sailor you must be able to move around the yacht with a degree of agility and you need to have the strength to pull the sheets (ropes on sail speak). No big deal in reality. This article is written to reassure those of you that are concerned that you aren’t ‘fit’ enough and to give you a few pointers towards a fitness plan that will help you get fit and able to enjoy your time while on board your yacht.

The first thing you will need to look at is your cardiac programme. No, it isn’t necessary to run a marathon but you will need to be able to spend a day on board moving around and hoisting sails etc and it would be good if you came off at the end of the day on your two feet rather than crawling off totally exhausted. So – start walking.

No need to run unless you want to or are used to it, walking is a great exercise that not only improves fitness levels without stress on joints but you can progress fairly quickly to faster speeds and uphills, for example, which will give you the fitness you need. Weights aren’t too important either – your body weighs enough for you to work out with and then there is no excuse for missing a session!

Watch this space – next we tell you how to walk!!