Fit to Sail – Time to Walk the Walk

In Previous blog we looked at the need for a degree of fitness so that we could enjoy our sailing more so here’s our Fitness Guru – Aly Jo’s top tip to get you started. It’s time to “Walk the Walk”.

So a gentle beginner/improver programme may look like this….Walk 30 minutes.When walking keep your head up, look forward, not at the ground while relaxing your neck, shoulders and back and letting your arms swing freely, (please feel free to add a little pump). Gently pull in your stomach muscles and straighten your back, no arching. You are now walking in the perfect position so roll from heel to toe smoothly and off you go. 3 miles or 5 km an hour is a brisk walk. You should be able to talk but maybe not sing your favourite Queen song!

There is no real law – 30 minutes is fine 3 times a week, hills if you want, faster if you can. This will give you a basic fitness sufficient to sail within 6 weeks….. but now you have started a walking programme don’t stop there – keep going. Increase speed/inclines gradually and slow down to a more leisurely pace for the last 5 minutes.

Hey! We’re walking!!Next blog, we talk stretching.