Fit to Sail – Flexibility, the cockpit workout.

Flexibility – important to be able to reach for that winch handle while holding a sheet….. So let’s run through a quick body warm up movement plan. You can do this anywhere – even on board.

Start with a stretch with arms above your head, fingers pointing heavenwards.

Repeat all the following 10 times each side.

1 Reach one arm up then the other so you are getting a side bend one side and a stretch the other.

2 Lower your elbows to shoulder height and turn your upper body left and right while keeping your hips still!

3 Lower your arms completely now and push up onto your toes and then lower to a semi sitting position.

4 Standing straight lift alternate knees to hip height then curl heel backwards towards your bottom.

If you have done all of these 10 times you should be warm enough and loose enough to jump on that yacht – Enjoy!