So You’re Tempted – Now Where Do You Start?

So you’re tempted – now where do you start?

Well there’s lots of help there but basically you have two options;

The hard way. Just jumping in at the deep end and trying to learn as you go – Not recommended as its called learning the “hard way” way for a reason, at times it’s going to hurt! It can be scary at times as you feel out of your depth and may well put you off altogether resulting in you taking up golf or similar.

Training. The best way by far as it fast tracks your learning and maximizes your time.

Top Tip: ensure you get the best possible experience when booking a training course, best bet is to choose a RYA training center and try and do it in nice weather where again you will maximize your learning simply by enjoying it more. Remember sailing should be fun, not an arduous assault course for your senses.

Dinghy sailors look for a RYA Level one course, prospective yacht sailors go for a Start Yachting or Competent Crew course. These courses will give you the perfect start in sailing and treat sailing like eating a large chocolate cake – best eaten one small slice at a time.

But don’t prevaricate, give it a go, what have you got to lose?