The Atlantic by sea – heading West!

by Alice S, trainee Bosun.

The norm is to head out to the Caribbean for the winter season around November, but for us it has been delayed due to scheduled shipyard works for our 5 year anniversary. This means crossing the Atlantic – Palma de Mallorca to Antigua – in February.

Setting a routine early is key to a transatlantic for me. Getting my sleeping pattern and keeping busy during the day so that you’re actually tired by the end of it. Lots of reading (lots of eating!), exercise and little deck projects. This time around we’re doing 3 hours on watch, 9 hours off. Which is very civilised, and allows you to have a full nights sleep and keep a relatively normal day.
Wildlife is always a plus too, dolphins are a given (had a huge pod come play with us this morning at sunrise).

As far as a day in the office is concerned, it’s not bad!
Alice S.