Cooking on a Boat – One Pot Wonders

Cooking on a Boat – One Pot Wonders

20/09/2018 0 By Mark Sanders

Cooking with @freyboatie

Cooking on a yacht can be tricky at the best of times 

You put something down, turn around, and it’s gone 

But I like to think I now have this down to a fine art

Your galley, you adapt to. Whether you’re working with

a 3 hob burner or a 5. Electric or gas. 

The key to quick crew meals; The one pot wonder 

  • Stir fry 
  • Chicken or Fish Pie 
  • Sausage Ragu 
  • Risotto 
  • Frittata

But behind all these dishes is the preparation 

Preparing meals before it’s meal time, or when the boat is a little flatter to make things easier for yourself. 

Another trick is to always make more than necessary. This guarantees leftovers for tomorrow! And most dishes get better after a little marinating and you don’t have the added stress of thinking up a new meal for each day

Or to be extra prepared, you can make most of these meals before you’ve even left port

If you’re lucky enough to have a freezer. Freeze and label (date & dish name) then when it comes to cooking all you need to do is pop it in the oven  

Just try to keep things light and simple, so it’ll always be fun & never a chore…

—> More recipes & provisioning tricks to come…

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