Learning those knots – Part 1.

Learning those all important knots you’ll need when you go sailing.

Preparing and Raising the Mainsail

For sailing beginners, how to prepare a fully battened mainsail for hoisting.

Using the Cockpit Winches

The cockpit winches are there to help us to work the ropes that control the sails. Here's Learn2Sail's guide on how to use them...

Lassoing the First Line Ashore

The technique to getting the first line ashore safely. The lasso.

How To Coil A Rope

Beginners guide. First steps in coiling a rope so that it can be stowed neatly and ready for instant use.

The Pacific Crossing of Ipixuna by Freyboatie.

So, what’s it like crossing the biggest ocean on the planet?

Learn to Sail – Our Step by Step Guide

Easy to follow explanation of what sailing is about from Sailing Guru Mark and how to take those first steps. Bring me that horizon...

Another Day in The Office – Atlantic Crossing – What’s it...

The Atlantic by sea - heading West! by Alice S, trainee Bosun. The norm is to head out to the Caribbean for the winter season around...